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Pilot Frixion Pen

Pilot Frixion Pen

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We've been trying out the these Pilot Frixion Pens on our Phenology wheels and have been really impressed with how easy they are to use.

This all-in-one Pilot Frixion Rollerball Pens features Frixion’s thermo-sensitive, erasable ink which uses friction or heat to erase.

Simply sketch or trace your design onto your fabric, stitch over it and then give it a quick blast with a heir dryer and...  Wallah! It's magically disappeared!


  • Frixions thermo-sensitive erasable ink 
  • 0.35mm writing width
  • 0.7mm rollerball pen tip width
  • Ergonomic grip

© Steph Arnold | Oh Sew Bootiful | 2016
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