Half Price SECONDS- 2022 Phenology Wheel - Stitch Journal


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2022 Phenology Wheel - Stitch Journal - SECONDS


☆PLEASE NOTE ☆ This listing is for a 'SECOND' of the Phenology Wheel Fabric. This means there has been slight misprint on the fabric which has caused there to be a couple of little white patches in the coloured background. These may be close to the month texts meaning that they may not be able to be hidden by stitching.

The price has been reduced due to these small faults.


I've been fancying doing a Phenology Wheel for ages as a way to keep a journal through stitching. I designed one the other night and was really pleased with how it turned out so printed extra as I thought you guys might like to try one too.

We've been blown away with how popular this has been so we've printed more fabric for your to record your year in stitches too!

This wasn't intended to be a full on product launch so there aren't any instructions or motifs to go with the fabric at this stage.  I just got super excited about the design and couldn't wait to share it with you!

This listing is for the printed fabric only for you to explore creating your own entries to your 'Stitch Journal'. The fabric is sized to fit in an 8 inch embroidery hoop.

I'm hoping that it'll be a success and that we'll be able to develop the idea into a more complete pack for future years.

If you'd like to share your entries on Social media, feel free to tag me or #OSBstitchjournal we'd love to see what you've been up to!

This listing is for the printed fabric only. 

You can choose to add an 8 Inch Elbesee Hoop + A Frixion Heat Erasable (Magic) Pen

You Will Need:

    Please Note:
    • The cotton fabric used in each kit is 100% natural which means that there may occasionally be natural imperfections in the fabric and therefore the print.
    • Colours display differently on different monitors and on different materials. Whilst I do my best to ensure that the images shown are true to real life, the printed fabric may appear differently to how it it looks on screen.
    • Please note that each hoop art kit is for personal use only and mustn't be copied, re-sold or re-distributed in any way.

    © Steph Arnold | Oh Sew Bootiful | 2021

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