Dandelyne Pack of 4 Mini Hoops - 2 x 40mm/1.6" and 2 x 55mm/2.2" hoops



Dandelyne Variety Pack of Mini Hoops

PACK OF 4 Mini Hoops - 2 x 40mm/1.6" and 2 x 55mm/2.2" hoops

Yipppeee! I just love Dandelyne's Mini Hoops.

They're so cute and perfectly designed to frame your mini artworks and they're wearable too.

Whether you're a keen embroiderer, jewellery maker or crafter, the possibilities of what you could frame in your mini hoop are endless! From cross stitch, to applique, to embroidery, to bead work, you name it: the hoop may be tiny but your imagination is as big as you make it.

☆ The Design:

Each Dandelyne Mini Hoop Art Kit is designed and made in Melbourne, Australia from a top quality ply wood and hand finished by Sonia (Dandelyne) and her husband.

Each mini hoop is designed for jewellery / display purposes and cannot be used as a regular embroidery hoop.

You can check out how to construct the hoops here:


☆ What You Get:

➢ 2 x 4cm/1.6” and 2 x 5.5cm/2.2" miniature embroidery hoops
➢ 4 screws and 8 bolts
➢ 4 backing pieces and 4 center plates

➢ a design that inspires you
➢ 3" embroidery hoop for stitching
➢ base fabric
➢ sharp needle
➢ floss/embroidery thread
➢ hot glue gun OR super strong glue


Each Dandelyne Mini Hoop kit contains small parts and is not intended for the use of children.

☆ Find Me:

Instagram: @ohsewbootiful
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ohsewbootiful
Pinterest: uk.pinterest.com/Ohsewbootiful

I’d love to see your needlework in progress and finished works of hoop art!

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