Modern and quirky embroidery kits, patterns and printed fabric.

Each piece of 'Oh Sew Bootiful' embroidery starts out life as a scribble in a sketchpad, a bunch of colours that I like, a quote that I’ve connected with or a song lyric that I just can’t get out of my head.
After a bit of exploring the ideas with pencil and paper I move them into Adobe Illustrator to ensure my designs are tip top and just right.
I then set to work picking out the best colours for the job and set to work, stitching each and every stitch by hand to make sure I am happy with the final piece.
I then turn the design into a downloadable pattern and get it printed on to 100% cotton fabric and beaver away to turn it into an embroidery kit so that you can make your very own work of (hoop) art at home.
I try to source the best materials to make each kit and spend lots of time on the finishing touches so that when your kit arrives its a joy to open and use.
To me, embroidery is such a fun and creative way to relax. I could spend hours stitching away with a cup of tea. I'm hoping embroidery will soon become the new colouring book of mindfulness as it's so relaxing to do, focusing your attention on the stitches, pattern and threads.
I get so excited when a I receive the printed fabric patterns to test out! I hope you feel the same when your kit lands on the door mat.

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